Most doctors take on patients to amass money

Most doctors take on patients to amass money, says Dr Osman


LAHORE: Anyone calling himself a cosmetic surgeon after doing a liposuction is unethical and wrong, says Dr Osman Bashir Tahir aka OBT, who has gained a large, loyal following with an excellent track record to show.

‘They should do a crackdown on the illegal practices going on the roadsides playing havoc with people’s lives. You need to have a team of experts who should assess if a certain person is qualified or not. Do your homework well and select only those clinics and doctors who are internationally recognized in their field and also keep themselves abreast about latest breakthroughs by regularly attending conferences and workshops worldwide,” says Tahir.

While explaining on how important it is to educate people he mentions that there’s a young girl in her 20s that he has refused for the third time for liposuction as it’s too early for her to undergo the treatment. ‘But most doctors don’t give consultation or an honest opinion and take on patients to amass money, ‘I dig down deep to know the real reasons of why they want to go for it until they are not 100% convinced that a certain process will take its time to show results only then I go for the procedure. After all my patients are for life. If I am in it to make money there are many other ways of making money.’

Having done his MBBS from Lahore’s prestigious King Edward Medical University he went on to do his basic surgical training from Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh and Master’s in aesthetics reconstructive plastic surgery from Queen Mary. He returned to Pakistan and is a practising plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon. Being the first Hi-Def and 4D Sculpt certified surgeon, using Vaser Lipo. Dr OBT enjoys both the surgical and nonsurgical side of medical aesthetics, and also has innovative technologies such as Ultherapy, the FDA approved nonsurgical face and neck lift Ultrasound treatment, and Spectra Laser, which is an advanced Q-switched Laser for acne, melasma, pigmentation and for laser hair bleaching. Laser Hair removal is performed using Gentleyag Laser and skin resurfacing.

Realizing that you can do just about everything if you put in your heart and soul, he believes in treating only if the indications are there. ‘I would never ever let anyone undergo any treatment just to promote a treatment who doesn’t need it.’ While explaining about the four domains in plastic surgery; reconstructive surgery, microvascular surgery, pediatric plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery, he labels himself as an aesthetic plastic surgeon.

One shouldn’t get confused with the term cosmetic which is extremely superficial and make a person very confused? ‘It’s not only about beauty,’ he clarifies ‘it’s a basic necessity for a woman who have multiple births and opts for a tummy tuck she might also be suffering from neck and knee pain so once this surgery happens we also repair her muscles underneath, removing that extra skin so we are not only aesthetically improving her appearance, restore form but functionally she feels better. So, if people think that it’s superficial it’s a misconception as this goes deep. People make up their minds by looking at media or at Kardashians or Bollywood stars,’ he said.

But what is one thing that irks Dr OBT?

‘A part of me freaks out to think there’s no regulation in Pakistan. MBBS without any plastic surgery or dermatology course doesn’t work if the doctor hasn’t undergone a proper clinical experience with a senior doctor,’ he elaborates.

In the UK, for instance, the general medical council has taken immediate actions to ensure that certain people can do the injections or carry out the procedures while there’s an in-depth investigation to check if the clinic is safe or sterile or is it like a beauty salon sort? They educate the people but unfortunately, here people are not aware of the complexities involved. They mostly end up going to the quakes while it’s shocking to observe that hair transplants have been carried out by technicians.

You can’t win in that discussion, ‘I believe that it’s going to take a lot of time for people to realize that Pakistan medical dental council can’t do much about fake dentists leaving customers with innumerable health issues. A technician can carry out procedures after acquiring proper training but only under the supervision of a doctor, however, he’s not allowed to call himself a doctor. Remember that the consequences of these technologies being offered by untrained doctors and substandard clinics can be devastating. In Pakistan, practising as doctors is a norm which is very wrong.’

Dr OBT, on the other hand, faces his own challenges in dealing with unaware and clueless patients that he feels can do with a proper background research before venturing into this field. ‘I teach people to do an in-depth analysis of the doctor’s qualifications and not to take things very casually without realizing that this is medicine. I always tell my patients to decide in few consultations before making up their minds about a treatment. Furthermore, consumer base data gives you a fair idea of what to expect from a treatment,’ he advises.

From acne to wrinkles and scarring, skin flaws can now be treated effectively with numerous aesthetic dermatology treatments that can help you look and feel younger.

While stressing people to take care of their skin from teenage and onwards; Dr OBT explained about the numerous procedures performed in his clinic.  ‘A clinical facial goes one step further than a home facial as it works inside out or for that matter hydra facial is about infusing good serums inside the skin for instant rejuvenation so that one notices a healthier skin immediately. One should be able to manage their skincare by following a strict skincare regime.

Which brings to a widely asked query if clinical skin care bears adverse side effects? ‘These are not steroids,’ he said but vitamin based and scientifically proven facials that one should start early. You have to understand that your skin degrades one percent collagen each year from the age of 30 years and once the collagen is depleted in your body your skin starts sagging because collagen gives you the firmness.’

He has brought 14 technologies to Pakistan which are FDA approved and has multiple ranges of skin care products including Sunscreens, moisturizers and night creams. ‘We are not giving you topical beauty products for flimsy results. My creams work to the cellular level so it takes 6 weeks to show results. The creams and treatments work hand in hand and they complement each other. You need creams which are going to activate your skin and build collagen rather than moisturizers that make your skin lazy. My creams are definitely pricier than the over the counter products but these are investments if you are serious about your skin,’ he said on a parting note.