The weather is rapidly changing with the autumn season starting to show its yellow, crimson and orange colours on the trees. The evening temperatures have started to lower leaving us feeling cold. Winter collections for ladies jackets and knitwear are being released to help provide essential warmth without compromising on fashion. The following list is a collection of various styles and designs for ladies to wear this winter season: 


The classic blazer is great for office wear with its loose 3/4 to full sleeves that look formal enough for meetings and presentations while being comfortable all day. The variety of fabrics used to make these blazers include tweed, cotton, velvet and suede in neutral to bold bright colours bringing in an essential splash of colour to your winter wardrobe.


It can get very cold in Pakistan, with temperatures dropping as low as zero making coats the best way to stay warm. These designs have an inner layer made from heat retaining fabric paired with a thick outer layer to seal in the heat keeping your warm and cosy. Coats can be bought in various lengths starting from shorter hip-length to longer trench coats that fall at the ankles.

Leather Jackets

The biker jackets have been in fashion for decades popularly worn by heavy bike riders and musicians. The leather can retain body heat and provides a tough layer that is weatherproof. There are various styles in these jackets from baggy to straight to skinny fit designs with a zipper to close the front. There are stuff and buckles incorporated into the design to embellish the jacket.

Combination Jackets

These designs use multiple materials to create a contemporary urban jacket. The sleeves will be leather but the front panels can be another material. Sometimes the sleeves will be jersey material and the rest of the jacket will have leather patches. The combination jacket is considered a fall season transition wear that is light and comfortable.


The classic denim jacket has been around for decades and often worn with jeans. Known as the Canadian tuxedo the all-denim suit is a favourite in the countryside. It is comfortable and durable without compromising on keeping you warm during the winter season. Denim jackets have patterns, motifs and embroidery threadwork woven into the backside depicting birds, animals and art for embellishment.

Jumper and Knitwear 

The comfort of wearing a snug sweater, jumper and cardigan is staying warm even when you take off a heavy jacket. These essential winter layers make it easy to create fashionable outfits without compromising on style and fashion. Available in a variety of colours and textures, they add diversity and personality to your wardrobe.

Fleece & Hoodie

The fleece and hoodie is an ideal activewear and loungewear item in your winter closet that can be worn to the gym or while relaxing at home watching TV. These are usually made from cotton and woollen blended fabrics that retain heat perfectly while being soft to touch making them comfortable to wear all day.