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This week, You! talks to Sana Butt, based in Lahore, who talks about the current hair and makeup trends...


This week, You! talks to Sana Butt, based in Lahore, who talks about the current hair and makeup trends…

Lahori culture has a desi vibe that channels beauty and food as its most important facet. When it comes to beauty, women spend a considerable amount of their time and money to look good.

 They are obsessed about stealing the limelight on major events with their classy choice in clothing and they leave no stone unturned to attain a unique look by dolling themselves up for any occasion. Here Sana Butt comes with an exclusivity factor in providing expert hair colouring advice and signature makeup within calming environs.

Centrally located in Gulberg in the heart of the city ‘SB Salon & Spa’, by Sana Butt, is where guests are offered great customer services and immaculate results in a spotless, fuss free, upscale environment. “We offer exceptional hair, nail care, makeup services, skin treatments, facial treatments, massage therapy and other spa services that leave you feeling spoiled, with complete indulgence for a rejuvenated feel,” says Sana Butt while talking to You!.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Sana Butt is the eldest of the three daughters who went to America to complete her degree in finance and also did master’s in fashion design from SCAD Atlanta. Let’s see what she has to share about her salon and the current beauty trends…

You! What motivated you to take the plunge in beauty business?

Sana Butt: I saw a void in the salon and spa industry in Lahore which was the motivating factor to open the place. We really wanted to provide with a salon and day spa that was a notch high in its interior decor and setting yet affordable for the average consumer. Our goal is to surpass our guest’s expectations every time and to make each visit memorable.

You! What makes you distinctive from others?

SB: The consultation is the most disregarded facet in typical salons but we aim to give advice on minutest skin or hair query. In this way, the consumer gets a star treatment and is ready to get the services done without any second thoughts.

You! What signature services are provided at your salon?

SB: Our professional stylists build timeless looks with a variety of hair services including hair colour, cuts and mixing. Our services include manicures, pedicures, facials and waxing. Choose from our range of the premium skin and hair care products – including home-made masks to help you feel good about yourself. Our gel nails acrylics nails and hair extensions including state-of-the-art original hair extensions and clip-on extensions are also available.

You! Hair throbbing is an emerging trend. What do you have to say about it?

SB: Our experienced stylists and specialised staff are committed to providing the most professional services including hair throbbing which is still not offered in Pakistan and involves the contouring of hair with a mix of sixteen colours with each strand consisting of its own tone that brings out excellent results.

You! Nowadays, the focus is on organic products from skin to hair care. Are you encouraging your clientele to use organic products?

SB: The best advice that I can give is that we should not use too many products on skin and keep it bare minimal. Use natural products and only cleanse the skin and do regular face massage. Coconut oil is the best things for your skin just use that before going to bed. We should include coconut in our diets and also use it abundantly on skin. It’s a perfect super food for skin and shiny hair.

You! What are the usual grooming or makeup mistakes that women generally make? How can we put them right to achieve a flawless look?

SB: Too much layering of makeup or a made up cakey look is certainly out. We should look and stick to au naturale or no makeup dewy finish.

You! Why do some brides have a plastered look on their faces? How is your bride different from others?

SB: I let my bride be herself. I always tell my bride that she should always go for blended makeup rather than a white face. Embrace your natural skin tone. Fair foundation base looks grey eventually.

You! What is the preferred look for summer 2018 in terms of makeup and hair trends?

SB: Lots of peaches and pink is an ideal summer trend that we should go for.

You! What do you aim for?

SB: I plan to incorporate complete skin care, fitness program, nutritionist and a dietician to make it a one stop facility for my clients. My sole concentration spins around a single focus of maintaining the business and setting of immediate goals and the ways of achieving them.

Beauty Talk

You! What is one cosmetic you cannot do without?

Lip gloss

You! When stepping out, do you wear make up all the time?

I wear sunscreen all the time

You! When it comes to cosmetics, which brand do you usually use?


You! Your favourite stylist?


You! Your favourite perfume?

L’autre Oud

You! Your beauty regimen?

Creams, serums, night creams by La Prairie

You! Do you anti-aging creams?

Yes I do, and as a beautician,

I would suggest every girl should