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This week, You! talks to Lahore-based entrepreneur Rabia Usman who has recently launched an international cosmetic brand in Pakistan ...



This week, You! talks to Lahore-based entrepreneur Rabia Usman who has recently launched an international cosmetic brand in Pakistan …

Remember the old saying, “Beauty lies within?” Still true, but adding a little makeup and a great haircut doesn’t hurt. What is it with makeup/cosmetics? The fact is, if you’re a female, then you will probably like makeup/cosmetics at some point in your life. The right choice of make-up can do wonders to your looks. This season makeup is stronger than ever. If you love to wear the latest makeup trends, this is the best time to wear them. Don’t be afraid to wear bold and strong colours and experiment with new products and cosmetics.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Rabia Usman has acquired great taste of fashion and beauty and wants to establish her entrepreneurial linkage by following the path led by her parents who are her biggest support system. “I saw a void in the beauty industry which was a motivating factor for me to bring some quality brand in Pakistan,” says, Rabia Usman, Brand Development Director, Stage Line Cosmetics. Coupled with a sound business brain, the young entrepreneur has achieved so much in a very little time. You! had a tête-à-tête with the lady herself. Read on…

You! What motivated you to take the plunge in beauty business?

Rabia Usman: When I was younger, I was obsessed with makeup. I couldn’t wait to head down to the drugstore to buy the newest eye shadow and lipstick. Only thing was, I never really realised you could actually have a career in beauty! Once I got my first taste of makeup in the ‘professional world’, I was hooked. I always wanted women to feel good about themselves, to be comfortable in their own skin. From day one, my vision of selling cosmetics was to make women feel confident.

You! What makes this brand standout from others?

R.U: Manufactured in Spain, Stage Line cosmetics are customised in a way that is ideal for salons and professional users. From bases to lipsticks, everything is available in palettes as well as in individual packaging.

You! What are the common makeup mistakes that women can avoid to achieve a flawless look?

R.U: Always use a foundation that is suitable for your skin type and matches with your skin tone. I have seen women buying makeup without any prior knowledge about their skin and the product itself! What looks good on your friend might be a disaster for you. So, always keep in mind the importance of a little research before indulging in makeup.

You! What is the preferred look for winter 2018 in terms of hair & makeup trends?

R.U: From a casual day look to a heavy party makeup, the rule of thumb is looking natural and the skin should look healthy. I rarely advise anyone to finish makeup without careful, light and appropriate contouring.

You! In your opinion, what makes a woman strong and beautiful?

R.U: A woman who’s beautiful is more than just physically, intellectually and emotionally attractive. When you find a beautiful woman, yes you can’t keep your eyes off of her, but you also always want to be around her because she’s that intriguing.

You! What are the 3 things that are missing from Pakistan’s entrepreneurial scene?

R.U: Professionalism, honesty, lack of opportunity and consistency