A combo of modern elements

This week, You! takes a look at the Zen-like interior of a salon & spa, based in Lahore...


This week, You! takes a look at the Zen-like interior of a salon & spa, based in Lahore…

When women are looking to unwind after the drudgery of daily life, all they need is to treat themselves with a hot bath, maybe in a salon/spa with a great massage; along with a new pedicure or a nice new haircut. The unwinding begins as soon as you step into the beautiful and soothing interior of a spa. Similarly, ‘Meraki Beauty & Wellness’ salon is meant to be a one-stop solution for everything beauty related. Ladies of Lahore swing by to be treated to the best in terms of a complete salon experience at the hands of a well-trained staff in a Zen-like environment tucked away from the chaotic commercial madness of Gulberg area. The customers need not go far away as it is located around the burgeoning DHA phase 5 commercial area. The salon/spa is sited at the peaceful environs and acts as a perfect retreat for the customers who walk into the wooden flooring first floor. It is the brainchild of two sisters, Saba and Fatima, and their exclusive labour of love. Bubbling with enthusiasm, the girls indulged into a tete-ˆ-tete with the scribe as they delved into the project which is very close to their hearts and is more of a passion than a probable financial prospect.

What sets it apart is the personalised service and value for money. There is an instant connection as soon as one enters the premises that exudes warmth and instant friendly vibes, which are also some of the traits exhibited by the owners of the place that doubles the hospitality impact.

The salon/spa is a three storied space with a dramatic display of quirky art work on the walls. As you enter, there’s a small reception area and beyond that a spacious work place with wall-mounted mirrors of different shapes and sizes. The two zones are roughly demarcated by a large see through screen. The space is defined by light wood accents, compact forms and statement elegance.

The decor is a combination of modern and industrial elements. It is meant to be a stylish space hence the minimalist contemporary interiors. Overall, the design of this salon is both simple and complex which makes it intriguing and alluring. By staying away from the typical chandeliers and loud colours, the decor is more focused towards being comfortable. The overall design celebrates the concepts of serenity and finding inner peace. The space is defined by three zones, each with its own decor, muted colour choice and material. The entry from the staircase area is a dark space which then leads to the main reception and hair styling area which is a lot lighter and open. The second floor is lined with grey shaded sofa seats for manicure and pedicure sessions along with separate rooms for makeup and massage. The three other nail art stations are done in shades of navy blue that has natural sunlight streaming in with the outside view.

The lighting is strategically used to create the correct ambiance and to highlight the key elements of the interior design. The second floor is chirpier with a very bright feel. “It’s our private sanctuary where we begin the day from a pep-talk with the staff stressing on hygiene, client satisfaction and in-house training sessions,” says Saba, who has done multiple training courses in skin and hair from Dubai and New York.

There is enough seating available in the waiting area if one is inclined to sit for a while before their services. The artsy design with a contemporary touch of the place lends it a warm character which was further appraised by using a bright pop of pink and purple to break the monotony with black and shades of grey. Also, its interior is designed to utilise the space with an introduction of Pilates and yoga classes and a small health bar welcoming clients into a homely setting.

The leather upholstered furniture and wall panels are easy to clean and hard to get dirty. Just like in a traditional living room, the interior is kept simple and functional with the occasional glamorous touches. The wrought iron encased lights complete the look of the space without being gaudy.

The salon cuts you off from the outside noise and instantly relaxes the mind. The glamorous look is added with a few strokes of gold for an elegant touch to the design. They have also used laser cut separators and the logo of the salon in gold and black as the central point.

“We are firm believers of ‘less is more’”, the sisters confirmed their love for minimalism and confessed for being fond of elegance rather than an in-your-face approach. Setting the right mood of a room is very important for Saba and Fatima, who also intend to redo the salon frequently to give a new look to their customers. Also, the sisters are very hands on in making sure that every little detail has been attended to. “We want our clients to feel happy that they have come to the right place where they will be looked after with the best quality services on hand,” they add.

The spa is a modern vision of space planning, finished in wooden flooring, racks and a spacious setting of display furniture that completes the appearance of a room. Each arrangement gives certain uniqueness with planters and cosy sofas that add a soothing feel. Undoubtedly, it’s a much anticipated answer to the high-end lifestyle of the city’s increasingly style focused clientele. The sisters plan to take it to a new level of customised care. When people come here they know they’ll get the best selection of treatments and services.