Saeed Akhtar’s art exhibition featured paintings, drawings, and sketches

The artist himself was available to enjoy the free flowing acknowledgements pouring in from everywhere


Pakistan offers a rich legacy of artists who have over the years made their mark and one such living icon is Saeed Akhtar. His multifaceted persona; exuberance of his brush strokes completely overshadows others if they were displayed next to his in terms of experience and capability.

The opening night of the maestro’s solo exhibition featuring about hundred paintings, drawings, and sketches was held at his studio near Expo Centre, Lahore. The last showing was held about six years ago so this one was a much awaited affair. The celebration of his newest work has become the much talked about affair for the art connoisseurs of the city. The jam packed hall with the display of his work on all three floors was a testament to his popularity.

The artist himself was available to enjoy the free flowing acknowledgements pouring in from everywhere. Exploring various mediums like oil and charcoal sketches, it is the broadening of the spectrum of horizon that manages to keep us glued. The visual quality and content of each of his painting is a work of a genius who does not shy away from referring each piece as a ‘prized possession.’

While talking one to one with the artist who said that people are more inclined towards giving out lectures nowadays, but he doesn’t do that. He says that:

Technically speaking these paintings are very difficult to create, but I have made these pictures that sends across my message to all.

The book launch of the second edition of the artist’s monograph coincided with the exhibition while the signature presentation by renowned designer Sahar Atif, who also showcased her fashion presentation, was inspired by Akhtar’s work. Sahar Atif who has been the student of Saeed Akhtar, labels his work as ‘weaved in magic’ and puts it rather poetically for us;

The black, white and charcoal grey of the Maestro’s stroke and the command over the line is defined by the strength of his character. The romance in the stroke compliments the mystical tint of his eyes. The sketch book – his prized possession, the dreams unfolding from his pencil, many a stories yet untold, was endowed upon me as a totem of love and responsibility and called this as ‘An honour that is beyond the horizons of her world.

Translating the epitome of Saeed Akhtar’s creativity on to sheer organza fabric, and the couturier’s signature enraptured into immortality is from the lens of none other than Usman Saeed. Etching the moment in time when the iconic Vaneeza Ahmed Ali as the designer’s muse strikes a pose. ‘Indeed, magic is in the air.’

Amongst a sea of people, one instantly recognized a familiar face: engrossed in the paintings, but was gracious enough to gave his insight about the work on display. Fahad Hussayn is one of the most underrated, but a highly talented designer whose edgy and flamboyant collections have made a mark and if that is considered worthy enough, he will most likely to be the watch-out label in coming times.

While talking to HIP about the work he said that,

There is something very timeless about his work. Each and every stroke shows exactly how much passion he has for his work. Each painting seems like it’s coming from his heart. For an artist to depict and put out to the world is one of the most amazing things that a person can accomplish and in the manner he touches everybody’s heart like each picture speaks to you and you know what that picture wants to say to you. So that’s like a set of very successful work and I love each and every one of it.

The exhibition will continue till the fifth of December at his studio in Johar Town.