Not long ago, Nishat Hotel popped up on the bustling Khurshid Kasuri Road and instantly caught everyone’s attention with its beautiful interior, lavish surroundings and this mini restaurant, catchily named The Cube, which soon became the affluent’s favourite joint.

Sadly, the classic appeal of The Cube withered too early. The people cited a dip in food quality as the prime reason for this. Believing in the popular verdict, we gave it a miss. Only to wake up, a few years later, to a revamped menu and a drastic overhaul in the culinary team of the place.

Today, The Cube is back, and is likely to stay for good. It is offering continental cuisine with a blend of Mediterranean mix in an intimate but exquisite setting.

The orders were quickly placed as me and my husband waited anxiously for the soup to arrive. But before that, we were greeted by the very friendly and attentive but not intrusive staff that put us at ease. The complementary, freshly baked bread brought a waft of aroma. Served with butter, it was a complete treat and a perfect start to our evening.

If you like to dine out in a no-fuss environment, this is the place to go to. As a couple, we often crave a few hours away from the humdrum of life. The Cube is sure a perfect milieu for any anniversary or special occasion that you would want to remember for a long time.

The restaurant radiates warmth, encouraging the diner to unwind, right from the moment you enter the main lobby through the security doors. Shaped like a cube, the light installments are a focal point of the place. Everything from wood panelling to plush seating is done to perfection. We were told that the kitchen sources are of fresh and fine quality to ensure the development of a varied menu on offer.

In addition to being tasty, each dish was a visual delight.

In addition to being tasty, each dish was a visual delight.

We ordered the three-course menu that included the soup, salad and a starter. The surprise element was the after taste that lingered on. In addition to being tasty, each dish was a visual delight.

The Chicken Veloute soup arrived piping hot with a mild flavouring of thyme. The broth satisfied my taste buds for sure. Not being a great lover of salads I had a few spoonfuls of the Caesar salad mixed with seasonal greens tossed with grilled chicken, dressing, herbed croutons with a dash of parmesan cheese. Blown away by the crispness of the iceberg and fresh cherry tomatoes, we managed to devour this one with not a speck left in the platter.

The Japanese fried crusted prawns served with a dollop of cayenne cream were a complete gourmet experience in its own.

The sufficient portions of a generous size make the main meal very fulfilling. While I ordered the Arroz Con Pollo, a slowly cooked chicken leg with Spanish spices, and served with Latin rice and Picante sauce, and hubby picked grilled beef steak tenderloin, with potato wedges and pepper sauce, it was hard to pick a single favourite dish between the two at the end of the meal.

Arroz Con Pollo.

Arroz Con Pollo.

We were also tempted to have dessert after this huge gastronomical onslaught but decided against it. Though, there was a wide variety to choose from, The Cube needs to add to their drinks menu. Apart from fizzy drinks and apple juice there wasn’t much on offer.

Our verdict: We’d definitely go there again for the superb variety and taste of food, ambience and service. The prices are much the same as one would expect from a high-end, fine dining restaurant.