Indeed lawn has been the channel-the face of success and gateway to glory but there are many industries that are thriving since the emergence of this product range. Musharaf’s liberalizing the media created a path way for mass market products like lawn, organically textile and forthcoming fashion, came to be recognized as self-standing industries. Without marketing, advertising, PR and event management lawn could never be the product it stand for today. It is only by utilizing these mediums that brands have come into existence with a true mass market appeal. Such has been the ‘affect’ of lawn craze which builds around this season only to return back the next year with a lot more vengeance.

Just as the PSL is making waves with high-octane performances we have Pakistan’s favorite product; lawn making a beeline in grabbing maximum attention. The shoot of the various lawn campaigns are going on in full swing and some take an opportunity to cash on the market that has not yet registered the first signs of changing weather.

The debut partnership of CrimsonxRepublicwomens wear has a reverence for experimental luxury totally following the ‘change is the only constant mantra.”

While talking to this scribe; Anum Akram explained that her label Crimson which is in the last two years is one of the fastest selling in lawn boasts of bespoke collections created with a quintessence of style and thus hard to copy.

‘We strive to step our game, be ahead of current trends, raise the bar and ensure that our brand blazes a trail. We are constantly infusing innovative concepts with a very dynamic partnership with Republic Women’s wear. Presenting lawn street a preamble to the debut Crimson x Republic lawn 2019 is locally created, internationally relevant; Lawn Street is set to create waves across borders, mastering local techniques, fabrics and craftsmanship and presenting them globally like never before.’

The brand which is fairly new yet giving bigger brand names like Sana Safinaz or Elan a run for their money. The model of Crimson is unique also; because it doesn’t have any store yet each time the collections are sold out within minutes of its going online.

What makes the brand feel so international and experimental is that it has obviously done well in terms of making huge profits. The budgets have increased in leaps and bounds making way for more experimentation and getting all these international models on board. Moreover, this gives an opportunity to create campaigns which are groundbreaking in many ways. Taking on the black model was not an unnecessary risk but the one which could be a ‘game changer’ for the brand seeking to break stereotype.

Why use a black face?

‘Pakistani fashion has limited itself to a very narrow definition of beauty. We wanted to broaden that and so we decided to use 4 ethnically diverse models including, for the first time ever, a black model for a Pakistani collection. I think this will further help broaden the notion of beauty here in Pakistan. And so we thought why not present our lawn in a way that, of course appeals to our local clientele, but can also be adapted for a global audience,’ Akram pointed out.

It should not necessarily be about the image. In society we fall prey to feeling subconscious about our looks and shape. You should exude inner confidence that gives you that strength of mind. The campaign concept is created not just for the three-piece market but the one which shows these textiles in a way that it can go international or be interpreted by a global audience.

But why did they prefer them over the local crop of models and I found them be keen to defend their choice, “there are those who start trends and those who follow we want to step ahead with a universal appeal” which is how we perceive our campaign aspires to be.